Sunday, October 4, 2009


Leah as always is saying lots of funny things and making me laugh all the time. Just this afternoon she said some pretty funny things. Here are 2 of them, because that's as much as I can remember...
She's been asking every day, several times a day how many days until granny and grampa come and today we told her that it was only 4 days. After that she asked me how many days until her birthday and I said 30. She said 30??? that's a LOT! and I said "is not that much just one month" and she said "but how can it be a month still if that's what you said yesterday!" and I said "well, is one month minus one day" and she said "yours is only in one day??"
And this one just happened and is the one that had me posting this:
I was hugging her and I said "Leah, have I told you how wonderful it is to be your mommy?" and she said "well, sort of... I mean, you've told me that it IS wonderful to be my mommy, but not HOW wonderful"

Sunday, September 13, 2009

A little afternoon play.

The girls love to draw with chalk on the driveway, that's one of their favorite things to do. So here are a few pics of their late afternoon with chalk

Bella likes to analize every color before using it

Leah at work, do not disturb

Could YOU draw in THAT position??

I outlined Leah while she was laying on the ground. She turned it into a fairie

Bella was outlined like an angel

The beautiful sunset

More sunset and some tummy

VERY clean pants

Leah's final result

Bella's final result

Friday, August 21, 2009

What's been happening lately.

I have been blessed with the most wonderful family anyone can dram of, and I sure have been enjoying it a lot this summer.
We've had lots of family gatherings, I enjoyed all of them greately but my favorite was grampa's birthday. Something funny happened one week before the event: We came back from church with Dane and were having dinner and I remembered the party and I told Dane "oh my gosh, we missed grampa's birthday party, wasn't it yesterday?!!" and before we could stop and think about the date, or anything, we heard a scream, and Leah started crying as loud as she's ever cried, and she said "oh no, oh no, oh no, we missed grampa's birthday!" So we had to explain to her that it was not her grampa's birthday, but daddy's grampa, her great-grampa. So, she calmed down enough for us to realize that the party was going to be the next week.
Lots of exciting things have been happening with the girls as well:
Leah has been practicing her reading every day and she can read a whole begginers book by herself without any help and she's ready to move on to more difficult books. She also went to a gymnastics class and I've never seen her so happy in my life, her face was so bright and all the teachers were just in love with her and were amazed by her talent and her ability to do all the things even better than some kids that had been there longer. When she went on the balance bar, the teacher helped her the first time, and when she was gonna go again she said "I think I can do it all by myself" and she did! I was so proud of her! she didn't fall down not even once, and she wasn't scared either even dough the bar was quite high and long. We wanted to get Leah in preschool again this fall, but the only preschool that concentrates on reading is challenger, but we really can't pay for it, and the rest of the preschools teach basicaly letters and their sounds and stuff that she already knows and the rest is just playtime, so we are thinking in getting her in gymnastics instead and teach her here in the house. She is a very good student even here, she comes to me and she says "mom, can we practice my reading?" and she loves to learn and practice everything that she learns.
Bella is potty-trained! I'm so happy! it was actually very easy with her, she responded really well to the "rewards program" and was potty-trained in no time. Leah loves to teach her everything that she learns too, so Bella's been learning a lot of letters, numbers, songs, dance moves, etc. I will see if for the spring we can get Bella in preschool, she could really benefit from it like Leah did at her age. I can't belive that my little tiny Bella is turning 3. It almost seems unfair that they grow up so quickly. I read a quote a little while ago, and I totally agree with it: "it kills you to see your kids grow, but it would kill you sooner if they didn't"
Giada is the happiest baby on earth. She learned how to crawl a while ago, and now she's all over the place! and she has two sisters that are just so happy to play with her. It's so funny to see Leah and Bella interact with her. Leah treats her like her baby sister; Bella treates her like her toy. It's very funny to watch, but sometimes I have to remind Bella to be more gentile... Giada has 4 little teeth, babbles all the time and laughs at everything, especially with her sisters. Nobody can make her laugh like they do.
Dane's been doing great at work, and he keeps a very positive attitude wich I admire very much. The are having their corporate games and Dane won at Poker last night while I was having a "Twilight night" with some friends form church. We had such a great time, he was the first emptying his table and I laughed until it hurt. When I got home I woke him up, and he told me about his night and I told him about mine and we laughed until 4 am.
I am so grateful for my wonderful husband and my wonderful little girls. Heavenly Father couldn't have blessed me with a better family, both inmediate and extended.

Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Monday, June 29, 2009

What we are up to.

He's doing good at work, trying to work more than anybody else, and making more phonecalls than anybody else, so he gets home very tired. So he loves his weekends, and we really enjoy the time we get to spend together and have some fun.
I'm usually home, taking care of the girls, and now I have a new project to work on with leah and bella. I will talk about that more later. Very excited about my mom comming home tomorrow, and I just recived a calling! It is with The RS and it will be very hard and I will need a lot of support and encouragement: I am the RS greeter. ;) It is funny all the callings that they have to come up with in big wards like this.
She's just a joy to be with, what can I say? She's smart and sweet, she loves to play with her sisters, and now she has some imaginary friends as well. I think this happened because she saw in one of her shows that the main character had imaginary friends, and she probably thought that was cool, and now she has them too. She "decided" she wants to be a ballerina when she grows up, so she dances around the house all day, and loves her "tutu" and her dancing video, etc.
We are trying to get her back in school for the fall, so we are getting ready for that practicing her reading and stuff. She's very excited to have her "nonna" here but misses granny and grampa with all her heart and keeps having this dreams that they come back...
She's getting over her "crying-all-stinking-day-for-no-reason-at-all" stage. She inherited something from me (and my italian side of the family): she's very loud. All my childhood memories are tinted with the "shhhhhhhh!!!!!!!" from everybody all the time, and Bella is just like that. She's learning to count(she can count to 20 very well, and sometimes gets a lot farther than that) she's learning letters, and she loves doing everything Leah does. That includes playing with all the toys that Leah plays with, and if Leah puts a toy that she's playing with on the floor even for a second, bella is there so snatch it and she runs away laughing... Leah's not very fond of this game...
She's teething, she has 2 teeth on the bottom, and she bites everything. Also, she likes to open and close her little hands, because she knows that sooner or later, she will grab something, and that something will go to her mouth. Now she likes to "sing" with Leah and Bella and it is about the cutest thing in the world, especially when they are singing the 3 of them at the same time. Giada just ADORES her sisters and loves to play with them. She has a very stable schedule, and it is very comfortable for me. She's the sweetest baby ever, she likes to caress my face, and sometimes she gives kisses too.
Anyway, I could just talk and talk all day about my girls, and all the little things they do, but I have to go keep getting the house ready for tomorrow. I will post soon something that I'm getting ready, it will be called "my girls wisdom" and it will have things like what Bella said the other day while eating dinner: "mami, mashed potatos are like normal potatos, but mashed".
Love you all.

Saturday, June 6, 2009

Very Flattering (short story)

I am painting Leah's and Bella's toe nails and talking, and in the middle of the conversation Leah says:
"So, mom, how old are you?"
"Twenty nine"
"TWENTY NINE??? WOW! are you gonna turn one hundred soon?"

Monday, May 18, 2009

Leah's predictions

This one is short.
I was checking my facebook and Leah came to me and said: "Mom, tomorrow is gonna be a great day for you!" and I said "yeah? and whay is that?" and she said "because tomorrow, I'm gonna be good all day!!!"
All I can say is that I hope her predictions will come true.

Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Like mother, like daughter.

Dane made me the most delicious chocolate trifle for mother's day (or I should say month...) and I wanted to share some with the girls so, while I was making them lunch I told them "I have a surprise for you if you eat your lunch all gone" and Leah got very excited and she said "a surprise? yaaaay!!!! I know that surprises are not for telling, so I'm not gonna ask you what the surprise is"
As you can see, she is just like her mother, and I'm very happy to be an example for her. ;)

Monday, May 11, 2009

Things I'm remembering about you right now.

I was cleaning and listening to himns so Giada could sleep while I did it, and while paying attention to the lyrics of the songs two things about scott and Tobi came to mind, and I thought I would write them here. They are things that happened, small moments in my life that left a big mark on it. Marks of gratitude, of admiration, of love... anyway, this is just what I was thinking about you a moment ago.
I was listening to the himn a poor wayfaring man” -I’m not sure if that is the title though, or just a lyric from the hymn- and I remembered a few years ago they asked you to sing that song for the RS and you were at the piano practicing before we left for church, and I was going up the stairs and while you were singing your voice broke. You thought that I was Tobi and you said "Tobi, I can't sing this song" and I could hear the tears in your voice. You have been a member of the Church your whole life and it really touched my heart that the spirit of that song still made you cry.
Right after my mom left, when Giada was only a month old I got very sick. I went to bed feeling horrible and woke up even worse, and I didn't know how I was going to get thru the day like that. I called Scott but he was working and then I called jay, but didn't get an answer, and then you called me because Scott had called you telling you that I was sick. You told me that you were going to come during your lunch break to bring me some medicine and drinks, and i was very glad for that. Latter on the afternoon you came and brought food for me and the girls and drinks and you explained to me that you thought it was better to finish your work early and then come to take care of me. I think I slept all afternoon, and that helped me get better very fast. Scott came and got leah (also early) and then you stayed with Bella and Giada and you would only bring me the baby when she was hungry. I was so grateful. But then Jennie called me to ask me how I was feeling and she told me that she had called you to invite you to something and that she realized that you were in a great hurry, and she asked you what was going on and you told her you were working very fast so you could come take care of me. So, i'm not even your daughter and you did everything fast to be able to help me, came and did so much, (you made me dinner, cleaned the kitchen, etc) but not just that, you sacrificed an afternoon of fun with Jennie (who is your daughter) to be able to do so.

Wednesday, May 6, 2009


In the process of unpacking and organizing I have to go thru the hallway a lot, but unfortunately the lightbulb is not working and I couldn't change it, so, I left the bathroom light on so I could go thru without having an accident. (I have a few things there, just in case you were wondering why I would have an accident just by wolking there) I had the girls watching shows downstairs so I could clean, but every now and then Leah would come up to see what I was doing, and every time she would turn the bathroom light off. I kept turning it back on, and that happened a few times. The last time, I was carrying Giada because I was going to change her diaper and, yes, you guessed right, she had turn the light back off, so I could hardly see anything, and I told Leah that I needed that bathroom light on so I could see, and explained to her that I was cleaning, and blah blah blah. She didn't say anything but came into the nursery with me and when I started changing Giada she asked me if she could sing a song and I said yes, so she said "I'm gonna sing a song about power" (???) So, she started singing this made up song about turning the light off and saving energy, and I turned around and said "Leah, I am not leaving the light on to waste energy, I'm doing it because I'm cleaning and I need to go thru the hallway a lot and there's no light there...." (etc), ant told her again the whole thing... Very patiently she "explained" to me again that we are supposed to turn the light off, so I had to explain to her yet again why I was leaving it on, and she just turned around to leave the room saying "you just want to hurt the planet!!!"

Friday, May 1, 2009

More of Leah.

So, I was feeding Giada, and Leah was with me talking to Giada and she said "Giada, you have blue eyes just like me and like Daddy and like Bella" and jokingly I said "yeah, and like me" and she said "no, you have hazel eyes" and she started thinking and then she said "so, that means that we have 4 people who have blue eyes, and a mistery person who may or may not have blue eyes..." and I looked at her and said "a mistery person? who's that mistery person?" and she replied "the baby that I will have in my tummy when I grow up"
Yeah, she's really concerned about growing up and stuff. I have a lot of freckles and Leah keeps saying that when she's a mommy she will have lots os freckles like me and the other day we were riding in the van and she discovered a freckle on her hand and she announced it, and then she discovered another one on her shoulder, and she said "WOW, I have another freckle on my shoulder, I must really be growing!!!"

Thursday, April 30, 2009


Ok, this time is Leah's turn to have a story. I'm writing it in part to be able to see the funny side of it and to distract myself....
Ok, so I gave the girls lunch, and I made them juice, and I bougth a chocolate cake to have for dessert. Everything was well, until Leah decided she didn't want to drink the juice and she threw it on the floor. I told her to go to her room and take her clothes off while I cleaned up the mess, and then I asked her if it had been an accident or if she did it on purpose, and she confesed that she did it because she didn't want to drink the juice. (ok, I'm about to strangle someone...) ok... so I told her that because she told me the truth I was not gonna spank her, but that I was not gonna give her dessert and she was not gonna be able to play with chalk outside today. She started crying and crying, and then she came to the kitchen and told me she was gonna change her name, and I said "ok, so what are you gonna be called now?" and she said, I don't know, something sad, because the only things that could make me happy now are a slice of chocolate cake and play with chalk, so if you let me have that I will change my name back to Leah".....

Tuesday, April 28, 2009


I am going to be posting stories about the girls, mostly for our parents (mine and Dane's) but I hope you all can anjoy them too. Right now I have one about Bella that just happened and I have to write it before I forget.
I was in Giada's room changing her diaper and Leah came screaming at the top of her lungs to change the channel. I know what happened: the Brady Bunch started, and obviously she doesn't like that show, so, I'm teasing her asking why she wants me to change it if that's her favorite show, when I hear Bella running down the hallway also screaming "mami change the channel, change the channel!!" so I ask her tissing her too, to change what and she says "the channel" and I say, but why, what's playing?" and she says: "the show about the bunch of stories of the little lady" hahahahaha!!!!
If you didn't get the joke, here is the part of the introductory song that she was reffering to: "here's the story of the lovely lady, who was bringing up 3 very lovely girls........ the bardy bunch, the brady bunch".....

Monday, April 20, 2009

Conversation between Dane and Scott.

I want to share stories about the girls as often as I can, but I thought that this story was best told in a conversation that Dane had with his dad. This conversation took place through instant message on 04/20/09 almost 11 pm Utah time, 04/21/09, almost 1 pm KL Malaysia time.

10:54:28 PM] Dane Ana Sanders: Tell me if you get this message
[10:55:14 PM] Dane Ana Sanders: I dont' know i fthis is working
[10:55:19 PM] Scott Sanders: Yes, got it.
[10:55:24 PM] Dane Ana Sanders: perfect
[10:55:50 PM] Dane Ana Sanders: Okay so I'll tell you what happened to us yesterday with Leah.
[10:55:50 PM] Scott Sanders: Yeah, I couldn't hear you at all. Surprised you could hear me.
[10:56:10 PM] Dane Ana Sanders: Yeah, your image and voice were coming through just as good as ever.
[10:57:18 PM] Dane Ana Sanders: Annie and I pushed the girls in their strollers up to Granite Park. They loved the walk and were very excited to start playing once we got there.
[10:58:20 PM] Dane Ana Sanders: Leah climbed up to the top of a platform that had a few slides to choose from and I was standing about 3 feet behind her so I could see and hear her, but she didn't know I was there.
[11:00:34 PM] Dane Ana Sanders: She stood about a foot and a half away from the slide and was just staring at it and started saying, "ok, now I know that I'm scared, but I have to try" After saying those words she took two 'very confident' steps toward the slide and started the process of sitting herself down in place. Finally she pushed herself down until gravity took over.
[11:01:31 PM] Scott Sanders: What a sweetheart! Good for her! Tell her I'm very proud of her.
[11:02:23 PM] Dane Ana Sanders: She got to the bottom of the slide and she turned around and it was obvious she was looking around to see where Annie and I were. I went over to her and told her what a great job she did and that I was so proud of her. She smiled back at me and said, "Dad, I was so scared, but I just knew I could do it!"
[11:03:38 PM] Scott Sanders: I love that little girl so much! good to talk to you. Hopefully we'll get this figured out.
[11:04:06 PM] Dane Ana Sanders: Yeah, I'm kind of glad it's not working right this minute. I've totally lost my composure.
[11:04:19 PM] Dane Ana Sanders: I miss you dad.
[11:04:38 PM] Scott Sanders: I miss you too. Bye for now.
[11:04:45 PM] Dane Ana Sanders: Bye.
[11:05:27 PM] Dane Ana Sanders: Tell mom I love and miss her too.

Thursday, April 16, 2009

Things that I'm grateful for, things that I miss, and things that I hope for.

When I look at my life as a whole, I can't use just one word to describe it, because I am just so full of different feelings and emotions, that just one word wouldn't suffice. I can't say that I am where I want to be in life, but I can't say that I'm not happy, because I am very happy. I can't say that I have everything that I want or everybody that I love, but I have a lot of people that I love, and a lot of the things that I want. There are things that I look forward to, and things that I miss dearly, so I thought I would try to come up with a list of some of the things, just for the fun of it, and you can have fun with me if you want.
I am so grateful for Dane. He is not perfect, and I am not perfect, but we grow together. I am better because of him, and he sais he's better because of me. In so many ways, I feel that he was created just for me, just by looking at his eyes I feel that my life is perfect and I understand the meaning of life. If I try to tell all the reasons why I love him so much, you would be reading this blog for a whole week. I am grateful for my girls. My biggest fear before I had Leah, was not being able to have kids, because I wanted it so much, but this goes far beyond being a mom or have kids. it is about being Leah's and Bella's and Giada's mom. They just make me SO happy, they are so wonderful and loving and have such big personalities. They brighten up my life, and I cannot imagine what my life would be without them. I am grateful for the gospel, for the principals that make my life so happy. Knowing that I can be with my family forever, that we won't be separated by time, or death or anything... I can't think of anything better than that. I love them so much that one lifetime is not enough. I'm grateful for eternity with my loved ones.
I miss my best friend. She's in Colombia and I just miss her so much. I feel that everybody that I know here already has a very exclusive circle of friends with no need for new ones, So I feel very lonely "girlfiend" wise. I miss Colombian food mmmmm..... I miss visiting with my mom and going "eye shopping" on saturdays. I miss dancing. I miss green all year long. I DON"T miss being freakishly white. Here, i'm just normal.
I hope Dane can go back to school. And Leah, she sure was learning so much. I hope that Giada doesn't have to be the last baby we have. I hope we can buy a nice house when we move out of here. I hope that when is time to move I can just close my eyes and magicaly appear in the new home, and don't have to go thru packing and unpacking again ;) I hope that one day I can have everybody that I love close to me or at least the possibility to go visit them so I don't have to miss so many people so much. I hope I can give my girls a bright future, and that I can teach them all I'm supposed to teach them. I hope I can be a good example for them and that I can be everything my Heavenly father wants me to be.

Tuesday, March 31, 2009

I hate moving...

We are so excited to be living at Stott and Tobi's house; we love having so much space, and the girls love playing and running all over the place. I put their Dora play tent down stairs in one of the rooms, with their Dora Kitchen and the Dora bed inside, and it is so cozy... I would've killed for something like that when I was little! Giada has a nursery, and it looks so cute, and the girls room looks very nice and age appropiate as well. I love being able to change Giada's diaper in the middle of the night without worrying about waking the girls up, and Giada finaly made it out of our bedroom, wich is very nice too. I love the kitchen! I missed it so much! I have been having a lot of fun cooking, I love having the cd player in my room, etc... but the one thing staining all the happiness.... the actual "move" I HATE MOVING!!!!! I feel like I'm never going to finish!!! all the boxes and bags all over the place, and the more I put things away, the more it seams like new boxes and bags just came out of thin air.... I hope the next time we move is to our own house and that we can stay there for at least 20 years.

Monday, March 23, 2009

Once upon a time....

I was in Colombia, and when the hardest, most horrible part of my life was over my mom helped me to come to the US. Since my brothers had been living in Florida for a few years, I went there too. I found a job, and a nice couple rented me a room in their home. I was relatively happy, I went out a lot, dated some guys, and had a lot of fun, but this feeling that I shouldn't be there started growing inside of me. I didn't pay a lot of attention to it, but it started getting stronger and stronger, every time that I went out with a guy, I felt that I was going to be alone forever if I stayed there. Not the nicest feeling to have when you are trying to find your other half...
I started thinking about moving to Idaho, since I knew people there, but every time I prayed about it, I felt that I had to come to Utah. "Utah???" I thought, "there is NO way I'm going to Utah!" I didn't have family here, or friends or anything. So, inside of me I kept making plans to go to Idaho, but I kept feeling that it was not Idaho, but Utah where I was supposed to be.
I decided to ask my oldest brother to pray and fast about it, and I would do the same thing. After we finished I went to visit him, and he told me "you have to go to Utah" I asked him "can you come with me?" and he said "I prayed about that too, I feel that I will go some day, but not now. You have to go alone." Needless to say that I was not only devastated but TERRIFIED! Arround those days a good friend of Danny's (my oldest brother) that he had baptized during his mission called him to tell him that he had moved to Utah and that if he wanted he could go too. My brother told him that he wasn't going to go to Utah soon, but that his "little sister" (he still talks to and about me like I'm 5. I don't mind though, I think it's sweet) was planning on going to Utah, so his friend told him that it was ok, that he was going to buy a condo and that I could go arround February if I wanted to, and that I could stay with them. This was arround August 2003. So I thought "Ok, I have like 6 months to think about it and save some money for the trip and to have once I get there..." I think that the Lord thought: "Ok, now that she's convinced to go to Utah, let's get her there." I lost my job, I broke up with the guy I was dating and the family that I was living with asked me to move out... I can't help but to look back at those days and NOT FEEL MELANCHOLIC AT ALL!
Arround those days I recived my Patriarchal blessing, and the thing that stood out the most at that moment was that I was supposed to live by faith, and that my faith was going to be tested (here I got a little scared) like Abraham's faith had been tested.
One Sunday I went to choir practice and I started talking with a guy, and he told me that he was planning on coming to Utah, and I told him that I was planning on coming to Utah eventually as well, and he said "I can give you a ride if you want, I won't charge you anything" but I told him that I didn't have a place to stay for 6 more months. He said he would ask his sister if I could stay with her, but she asked her husband and he said "NO WAY." Apparently this guy have had some problems with them, and they thought that if I was his friend, that I was going to give them trouble as well. She told him that they should pray about it, and they did, and they felt not only that it was Ok for me to go with them, but that for some reason I was supposed to. So he called me to Florida without even knowing me and told me the whole thing, and that I was more than welcomed in his house. So this is how it all looked to me: I was supposed to drive with this guy for 3 days, to a place I didn't know, with no job possibilities, no family, no friends, without a dime in my pocket (because remember, I lost my job) and to live with this people that I've never met. But after praying about it, I felt that that was what I was supposed to do, and also I had the words of my Patriarchal blessing, so I decided to come.
The Sunday before I left, I asked Danny and my bishop (my other brother was nowhere to be found) to give me a blessing and in that blessing the Bishop told me that it was very important for me to come to Utah, because the man that was going to be my husband was here, that I was going to meet him soon after getting here. So, the friday after that I left Florida, and we got here on monday. That Saturday I asked the couple about the YSA organization in their ward, and they just looked at eachother, and then said "there are not YSA in our ward, just maried couples and old people..." I thought "WHAT??? no YSA in their ward? how I'm I supposed to meet people here then? (and the man who's going to be my husband???)" they saw how sad I was about thet, so they called a friend who attended a singles ward, and they asked her if I could go to church with her, ans she agreed. She lived in Sandy and we were in Sugar House. In Florida's LDS distance that is not that much, if it is not your same ward, is very probable that it is at least your same stake, but here in Utah, that kind of distance means at least 40 stakes in between. So, on that Sunday, the 28th of September of 2003, I went to the Singles ward in Sandy with this friend of the family that I was now living with.
We arrived a little early and she and her roomate started introducing me to the people of this ward. Not too long before that, one of them needed an interview with the first councilor and she introduced me to the guy who scheduled that interview for her. This guy happened to be Dane Sanders, the Assistant Executive Secretary. He was very good with his calling, and part of his calling was to get new people to fill out get to know you forms. He wanted me to fill up one, but I told him that since I didn't belonged to that stake I probably shouldn't, he replayed that I should do it anyway if I was going to attend that ward, and I said that I was just visiting, that I didn't even know if I was going to go to that ward again, and he said "Ok, just put your name and phone number then."
The girl that I went to church with and some of her friends were planning a trip to Temple Square that night, and since I enjoyed talking to Dane so much I decided to invite him. He said his schedule was free, that he would come with us, but after a while I learned that, that night was Jennie's farewell dinner because she and Brock were moving to Georgia... but he came with us anyway. We talked for a long time that night, we sat at the Tabernacle and kept talking while everybody else was taking the tour, and then he gave me a ride home, and we stayed talking for a long time in the car, because the people that I was living with wans't there and I didn't have keyes...
There was going to be an activity on Wednesday, and he asked me if I was going to go, and I said that I wanted to, but that I didn't have how to get there, so he offered me a ride. However, on tuesday he calledme and he said that he was on his way to go see his sister who was moving, and he asked me if he could come and see me before that, and I said yes, so he came, and we went to visit Justin at his office. I know, ???. After that we went to visit Jennie and we helped her pack. The next day he picked me up at about 4 pm and we went to the park and Tracy Aviary, then to the activity, and then we went to the movies, and after that day we spent at least some part of the day together.
Two months after we met he asked me to marry him, and 2 months after that we got married, the 10th of January of 2004. That day before we went to the Temple, Dane asked his dad to give him a blessing, and I asked him for one too, and on that blessing he told me that Dane and I had been brought together by the Lord's hand and that we had made promises to one another in the pre-exsistence, and that those promises where going to become covenants in the Temple of the Lord. When we were in the ceremony, the sealer told us that it was very special for him to be part of this sealing because we had been together in the pre-exsistence, and brought together by the Lord, and he repeated almost word by word the blessing that I had recived earlier that day...
So, that's how our Fairy Tale began. As in every fairy tale, there are rough times, monsters to be conquered, evil people trying to get us apart, but with the Lord's help, and keeping the covenants we made, we know we can also have our "happily ever after."
So, buckle your seat belts and join us in this wonderful travel thru exsistence, the "Sanders Voyage"