Friday, May 1, 2009

More of Leah.

So, I was feeding Giada, and Leah was with me talking to Giada and she said "Giada, you have blue eyes just like me and like Daddy and like Bella" and jokingly I said "yeah, and like me" and she said "no, you have hazel eyes" and she started thinking and then she said "so, that means that we have 4 people who have blue eyes, and a mistery person who may or may not have blue eyes..." and I looked at her and said "a mistery person? who's that mistery person?" and she replied "the baby that I will have in my tummy when I grow up"
Yeah, she's really concerned about growing up and stuff. I have a lot of freckles and Leah keeps saying that when she's a mommy she will have lots os freckles like me and the other day we were riding in the van and she discovered a freckle on her hand and she announced it, and then she discovered another one on her shoulder, and she said "WOW, I have another freckle on my shoulder, I must really be growing!!!"

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