Wednesday, May 6, 2009


In the process of unpacking and organizing I have to go thru the hallway a lot, but unfortunately the lightbulb is not working and I couldn't change it, so, I left the bathroom light on so I could go thru without having an accident. (I have a few things there, just in case you were wondering why I would have an accident just by wolking there) I had the girls watching shows downstairs so I could clean, but every now and then Leah would come up to see what I was doing, and every time she would turn the bathroom light off. I kept turning it back on, and that happened a few times. The last time, I was carrying Giada because I was going to change her diaper and, yes, you guessed right, she had turn the light back off, so I could hardly see anything, and I told Leah that I needed that bathroom light on so I could see, and explained to her that I was cleaning, and blah blah blah. She didn't say anything but came into the nursery with me and when I started changing Giada she asked me if she could sing a song and I said yes, so she said "I'm gonna sing a song about power" (???) So, she started singing this made up song about turning the light off and saving energy, and I turned around and said "Leah, I am not leaving the light on to waste energy, I'm doing it because I'm cleaning and I need to go thru the hallway a lot and there's no light there...." (etc), ant told her again the whole thing... Very patiently she "explained" to me again that we are supposed to turn the light off, so I had to explain to her yet again why I was leaving it on, and she just turned around to leave the room saying "you just want to hurt the planet!!!"

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  1. Oh my gosh! She is so funny, I read that to the girls I work with and we all just died. Love that girl!