Monday, May 11, 2009

Things I'm remembering about you right now.

I was cleaning and listening to himns so Giada could sleep while I did it, and while paying attention to the lyrics of the songs two things about scott and Tobi came to mind, and I thought I would write them here. They are things that happened, small moments in my life that left a big mark on it. Marks of gratitude, of admiration, of love... anyway, this is just what I was thinking about you a moment ago.
I was listening to the himn a poor wayfaring man” -I’m not sure if that is the title though, or just a lyric from the hymn- and I remembered a few years ago they asked you to sing that song for the RS and you were at the piano practicing before we left for church, and I was going up the stairs and while you were singing your voice broke. You thought that I was Tobi and you said "Tobi, I can't sing this song" and I could hear the tears in your voice. You have been a member of the Church your whole life and it really touched my heart that the spirit of that song still made you cry.
Right after my mom left, when Giada was only a month old I got very sick. I went to bed feeling horrible and woke up even worse, and I didn't know how I was going to get thru the day like that. I called Scott but he was working and then I called jay, but didn't get an answer, and then you called me because Scott had called you telling you that I was sick. You told me that you were going to come during your lunch break to bring me some medicine and drinks, and i was very glad for that. Latter on the afternoon you came and brought food for me and the girls and drinks and you explained to me that you thought it was better to finish your work early and then come to take care of me. I think I slept all afternoon, and that helped me get better very fast. Scott came and got leah (also early) and then you stayed with Bella and Giada and you would only bring me the baby when she was hungry. I was so grateful. But then Jennie called me to ask me how I was feeling and she told me that she had called you to invite you to something and that she realized that you were in a great hurry, and she asked you what was going on and you told her you were working very fast so you could come take care of me. So, i'm not even your daughter and you did everything fast to be able to help me, came and did so much, (you made me dinner, cleaned the kitchen, etc) but not just that, you sacrificed an afternoon of fun with Jennie (who is your daughter) to be able to do so.

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  1. Thank you Annie. It's sweet of you to think of us. Thank you for being such a wonderful wife to our son and mother to our granddaughters. You are very special to us and have a special place in our hearts.
    We love you very much.

    Scott and Tobi