Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Summer time!

This is such a wonderful time for me. Finally I get my beloved Summer and all the heat that comes with it. This summer has been quite busy: I have a new baby and the girls have a very busy schedule. The first 3 weeks after Aria was born were absolutely misserable. I can hardly look back at those weeks and not shudder, but at the same time I loved having my sweet little baby with me. Now she is 1 1/2 months old and we are doing great! She's a chubby baby that does nothing but eat all day and she is also sleeping better. Chubby baby + better sleep = happy mom. The girls are back to swimming lessosn now that I can drive again, and they are doing great. they are not going to Dimple Dell anymore (not for lessosn anyway), they are taking private lessons with Bella's ex gymnastics coach Baylee. They are doing great and have already jumped off the diving board. Giada is so happy that she can finally take swimming lessosns with her sisters and she has a blast every time she goes there. They are taking the lessons at the Pepperwood swimming pool wich is very nice. One day I will be rich enough to live there. Don't laugh, is not a joke. Seriously, is not. Anyway.... they are doing great in gymnastics too. They just had their Summer recital wich was a lot of fun (thanks Justin for coming to see them) and they are getting ready for school, but I won't talk about that because I just wanna pretend that Fall will never happen.
Dane is doing well at work, but honestly, I can hardly wait for the day when he can finally end that chapter of his life. I mean, I am grateful that he has a job, don't get me wrong, but Dane is such a smart and wonderful guy and that place is just not for him. He works so hard, but that is hardly the point in that place, his job the way i see it, is like a luck game more than skills or strategy. So, it doesn't matter how hard he works (he has even worked off the clock to try to improve his situation) but if the people just don't want to pay (for all of you who don't know, he works in the collection department of franklin Capital corporation wich is a branch of Franklin tempelton that does car loans) then there's just that and a lot of people are just asking to have their car picked u(repossessed), wich is not Dane's fault but he is the one to suffer for it. So, excuse my complaining but his job is very frustrating and I hate to see him try so hard for nothing. So I can't wait for him to get over the long waiting list to get back to school and continue where his being so awesome and smart really count for something.
I'm doing well too. I have an appointment with the Dr. tomorrow because after a c-section there is a 2% chance to get an internal infection and my luck ran out after 3 c-sections without getting said infection. So I got it and it is mighty painful, but I took my medicine like a good girl and so I have to go make sure I'm all better. Also, I started exercising again today (yay!!!). I missed exercising SOOO much, and after being in bed rest for several months and then having surgery, exercising was such a treat :) I'm not doing insanity because when Jennie was nursing Leila and she started doing insanity, she said that her milk started to dry up, so I just started with Hip Hop Abs. Lucky for me I didn't try to start with Insanity because even Hip Hop Abs kicked my tushy. But I'm just so excited and can't wait to exercise again tomorrow. And the day after. And the day after that and.... :)
The girls have a parade on the 16th (Days of 47 youth parade) and Dane is going to be marching with the G.V. Ward Primary all with the lime green shirt and everything (yes, I will have pictures). I talked to Aunt Susan, and she wants to have a BBQ for pioneer's day and then We have plans to go to St George to celebrate Kash's birthday. We are all so excited! Also, we are going to bless Aria the first Sunday of August, and then of course, there is my awesome 32nd birthday. Summer is just so much fun, and even though I didn't post all the things we have to do, this are the ones I can remember right now :)
Anyway, I hear Bella crying so I have to go investigate, so I don't have time to post any pictures right now, but I'll do that soon. 'Till then!

Sunday, May 29, 2011

Welcome Aria!

This was the hardest pregnancy I've had: The first 3 months I could hardly stop throwing up, and when the awful nausea seemed to start getting better I started having more serious problems. They started just a couple days before Scott and Tobi went back to Malaysia, at the beggining of November, but the Doctor, Dane and I didn't become really concerned until the day they were going to leave. So that day, my wonderful husband and wonderful Father-in-law gave me a blessing in wich said the baby was going to make it to full term and be born to this world without any physical or mental problems. And despite all the scares, all the trips to the ER, to the hospital, all the tests and ultrasounds and the concern of my doctor who said he could only keep his fingers crossed, and my Bishop who told me to be prepared for the worst (he is a Doctor too) the 17th of May at 1:19 in the afternoon the words of that blessing came true, and the most beautiful baby girl made her arrival to this world without any problems.
Little Aria Lucia Sanders, as her name indicates, is a melody of light, a testimony of faith and of the priesthood and a wonderful blessing in our lives.
Even though she was born 1 week and 1 day before her actual due date, she has been our biggest baby weighing 8 pounds and 2 ounces and 21 inches long. She's had the lightest hair of all four of them as well and a little tiny nose that doesn't look either like Dane's or like mine. She has dimpled cheeks and what looks so far like blue eyes. I call her my "nubecita" (little cloud) because she reminds me of those little clouds that you see in the otherwise clear summer sky, all tiny, white and cuddly. Just looking at her I feel so peaceful inside and I can't stop thanking my Heavenly Father for her and her 3 bigger sisters that, like mommy and daddy are completely crazy about her.

Getting ready for the C-section

Finally here!

Big baby!

Daddy holdind her while "all the kings horses and all the kings men try to sow me together again"

First "well check up"

First bath

Ahhhh, All clean :)

Time to meet the sisters!

Nonna with all of her granddaughters

Sweet little Aria, my "nubecita"

Arriving home. The girls had made this beautiful sign to welcome me and Aria home. They decorated each one of the letters. It was sooo beautiful!!
Welcome to the world sweet little Aria!!!

Sunday, May 1, 2011

Dinosaurs and Tulips.

This past Saturday, thanks to my brother Gabriel and his soon to be wife Janel, we went to Thanksgiving Point to the Museum of ancient life and the Tulip festival. It was awsome! The girls had a ton of fun, here are the pictures. Since one image is worth a thousand words, I better do that, or we'll end up with a very long post ;)

I think this one is funny because the girls and the dinosaurs have the same attitude.
And on this one is like the dinosaur thinks Leah's ear looks tasty.
And these are at the Tulip festival:
And that's where my cammera ran out of batteries.
The End.