Thursday, April 30, 2009


Ok, this time is Leah's turn to have a story. I'm writing it in part to be able to see the funny side of it and to distract myself....
Ok, so I gave the girls lunch, and I made them juice, and I bougth a chocolate cake to have for dessert. Everything was well, until Leah decided she didn't want to drink the juice and she threw it on the floor. I told her to go to her room and take her clothes off while I cleaned up the mess, and then I asked her if it had been an accident or if she did it on purpose, and she confesed that she did it because she didn't want to drink the juice. (ok, I'm about to strangle someone...) ok... so I told her that because she told me the truth I was not gonna spank her, but that I was not gonna give her dessert and she was not gonna be able to play with chalk outside today. She started crying and crying, and then she came to the kitchen and told me she was gonna change her name, and I said "ok, so what are you gonna be called now?" and she said, I don't know, something sad, because the only things that could make me happy now are a slice of chocolate cake and play with chalk, so if you let me have that I will change my name back to Leah".....

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  1. She is so funny. I could totally picture the way she looked when she was saying that. Let us know what her new name is so we can start to call her that...Or did she get cake and chalk and kept her name?