Monday, June 29, 2009

What we are up to.

He's doing good at work, trying to work more than anybody else, and making more phonecalls than anybody else, so he gets home very tired. So he loves his weekends, and we really enjoy the time we get to spend together and have some fun.
I'm usually home, taking care of the girls, and now I have a new project to work on with leah and bella. I will talk about that more later. Very excited about my mom comming home tomorrow, and I just recived a calling! It is with The RS and it will be very hard and I will need a lot of support and encouragement: I am the RS greeter. ;) It is funny all the callings that they have to come up with in big wards like this.
She's just a joy to be with, what can I say? She's smart and sweet, she loves to play with her sisters, and now she has some imaginary friends as well. I think this happened because she saw in one of her shows that the main character had imaginary friends, and she probably thought that was cool, and now she has them too. She "decided" she wants to be a ballerina when she grows up, so she dances around the house all day, and loves her "tutu" and her dancing video, etc.
We are trying to get her back in school for the fall, so we are getting ready for that practicing her reading and stuff. She's very excited to have her "nonna" here but misses granny and grampa with all her heart and keeps having this dreams that they come back...
She's getting over her "crying-all-stinking-day-for-no-reason-at-all" stage. She inherited something from me (and my italian side of the family): she's very loud. All my childhood memories are tinted with the "shhhhhhhh!!!!!!!" from everybody all the time, and Bella is just like that. She's learning to count(she can count to 20 very well, and sometimes gets a lot farther than that) she's learning letters, and she loves doing everything Leah does. That includes playing with all the toys that Leah plays with, and if Leah puts a toy that she's playing with on the floor even for a second, bella is there so snatch it and she runs away laughing... Leah's not very fond of this game...
She's teething, she has 2 teeth on the bottom, and she bites everything. Also, she likes to open and close her little hands, because she knows that sooner or later, she will grab something, and that something will go to her mouth. Now she likes to "sing" with Leah and Bella and it is about the cutest thing in the world, especially when they are singing the 3 of them at the same time. Giada just ADORES her sisters and loves to play with them. She has a very stable schedule, and it is very comfortable for me. She's the sweetest baby ever, she likes to caress my face, and sometimes she gives kisses too.
Anyway, I could just talk and talk all day about my girls, and all the little things they do, but I have to go keep getting the house ready for tomorrow. I will post soon something that I'm getting ready, it will be called "my girls wisdom" and it will have things like what Bella said the other day while eating dinner: "mami, mashed potatos are like normal potatos, but mashed".
Love you all.


  1. So fun to read all about the girls and you and Dane. I remember when we used to be there and witness it all in person, sigh!!!! I miss those days. Love Mom

  2. That is the sweetest thing that Leah has dreams that Granny and Grampa come back... Choked me right up!

  3. I know that being a greeter does not seem to be much. But it sure can make a difference for someone that is new. Welcoming them , helping them find a seat and having them fill out a card with all their info on it so it can get right to RS pres for VT assignments and such. What a joy to see your bright, friendly face each week at the door.
    I loved hearing about your darling girls.