Friday, August 21, 2009

What's been happening lately.

I have been blessed with the most wonderful family anyone can dram of, and I sure have been enjoying it a lot this summer.
We've had lots of family gatherings, I enjoyed all of them greately but my favorite was grampa's birthday. Something funny happened one week before the event: We came back from church with Dane and were having dinner and I remembered the party and I told Dane "oh my gosh, we missed grampa's birthday party, wasn't it yesterday?!!" and before we could stop and think about the date, or anything, we heard a scream, and Leah started crying as loud as she's ever cried, and she said "oh no, oh no, oh no, we missed grampa's birthday!" So we had to explain to her that it was not her grampa's birthday, but daddy's grampa, her great-grampa. So, she calmed down enough for us to realize that the party was going to be the next week.
Lots of exciting things have been happening with the girls as well:
Leah has been practicing her reading every day and she can read a whole begginers book by herself without any help and she's ready to move on to more difficult books. She also went to a gymnastics class and I've never seen her so happy in my life, her face was so bright and all the teachers were just in love with her and were amazed by her talent and her ability to do all the things even better than some kids that had been there longer. When she went on the balance bar, the teacher helped her the first time, and when she was gonna go again she said "I think I can do it all by myself" and she did! I was so proud of her! she didn't fall down not even once, and she wasn't scared either even dough the bar was quite high and long. We wanted to get Leah in preschool again this fall, but the only preschool that concentrates on reading is challenger, but we really can't pay for it, and the rest of the preschools teach basicaly letters and their sounds and stuff that she already knows and the rest is just playtime, so we are thinking in getting her in gymnastics instead and teach her here in the house. She is a very good student even here, she comes to me and she says "mom, can we practice my reading?" and she loves to learn and practice everything that she learns.
Bella is potty-trained! I'm so happy! it was actually very easy with her, she responded really well to the "rewards program" and was potty-trained in no time. Leah loves to teach her everything that she learns too, so Bella's been learning a lot of letters, numbers, songs, dance moves, etc. I will see if for the spring we can get Bella in preschool, she could really benefit from it like Leah did at her age. I can't belive that my little tiny Bella is turning 3. It almost seems unfair that they grow up so quickly. I read a quote a little while ago, and I totally agree with it: "it kills you to see your kids grow, but it would kill you sooner if they didn't"
Giada is the happiest baby on earth. She learned how to crawl a while ago, and now she's all over the place! and she has two sisters that are just so happy to play with her. It's so funny to see Leah and Bella interact with her. Leah treats her like her baby sister; Bella treates her like her toy. It's very funny to watch, but sometimes I have to remind Bella to be more gentile... Giada has 4 little teeth, babbles all the time and laughs at everything, especially with her sisters. Nobody can make her laugh like they do.
Dane's been doing great at work, and he keeps a very positive attitude wich I admire very much. The are having their corporate games and Dane won at Poker last night while I was having a "Twilight night" with some friends form church. We had such a great time, he was the first emptying his table and I laughed until it hurt. When I got home I woke him up, and he told me about his night and I told him about mine and we laughed until 4 am.
I am so grateful for my wonderful husband and my wonderful little girls. Heavenly Father couldn't have blessed me with a better family, both inmediate and extended.


  1. I am so happy to hear that Leah is in gymnastics, she could really grow up to be great at that! Plus she's short and gonna stay that way, which seems to be the case for most gymnasts. How fun. Thanks for the update!

  2. Annie you are so sweet and you tell the best stories. I am glad things are going well for you. Let's get together again sometime soon.

  3. Annie; I'm just getting around to reading this. I have to agree with Melanie. You do tell the best stories. I almost cried myself at the thought of Leah missing my birthday. We'll have to make plans for a Skype session that day for sure.

    I think gymnastics is great for little girls. I remember when we took Jennie and Julia.

    Love, Dad (in-law)