Sunday, October 4, 2009


Leah as always is saying lots of funny things and making me laugh all the time. Just this afternoon she said some pretty funny things. Here are 2 of them, because that's as much as I can remember...
She's been asking every day, several times a day how many days until granny and grampa come and today we told her that it was only 4 days. After that she asked me how many days until her birthday and I said 30. She said 30??? that's a LOT! and I said "is not that much just one month" and she said "but how can it be a month still if that's what you said yesterday!" and I said "well, is one month minus one day" and she said "yours is only in one day??"
And this one just happened and is the one that had me posting this:
I was hugging her and I said "Leah, have I told you how wonderful it is to be your mommy?" and she said "well, sort of... I mean, you've told me that it IS wonderful to be my mommy, but not HOW wonderful"

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