Tuesday, March 2, 2010

I think I should update my Blog...

OK, it's been a LONG time, I know, but since I update my Facebook every day, I feel like I'm repeating myself with the Blog, and most of you might say "Oh, I already know that" and skip it anyway, but I feel guilty for not updating it, so here it is Ladies and Gentlemen, what you've all already read, (just kidding) The "what are we up to" update! (here's where you are supposed to clap. Seriously, I have a clap sensor and you are NOT clapping).
Well, since you are not gonna clap, and I don't wanna wait all day, I guess we better get started. Who do you want to read about first? Dane? you got it!

He continues to work hard at Franklin Capital things there seem to be turning around so hopefully that means that promotions, raises, and bonuses will start being possibilities again. We’ll keep our fingers crossed and keep you posted. He still suffers from kidney stones from time to time, but is working on getting some medical treatment so hopefully we can do more than just drink more water to try to prevent them.
She's working hard at loosing weight, but finds it hard sometimes to avoid temptation. However, she's managed to loose almost 30 pounds since she started her diet. She's trying to find a job that she can do at home, or that will allow her to bring the girls, but no success on that so far. She decided that she wants to study photography and wedding and event planning, and looks forward to the day she can finally do that.
She started Gymnastics a couple of weeks ago, and she's doing fantastic! She has natural talent for that and she likes to practice a lot at home too. She's getting ready to attend Challenger School for the summer and then she'll start kindergarten on the fall. She's growing up fast, and she sure is smart! She had a talk on Primary last Sunday and she did great too. She loves to do homework, practice her letters, her numbers, her reading, and she loves to draw and color pictures. She also loves her little sisters and feels so proud of them every time they do something good.
She's also going to Gymnastics class and she's also doing great! She can do things that even kids that have been there longer cannot do. She started going to Primary on January and she loves it! She likes doing "big girl" stuff and going to "big girl" Primary has made a huge difference in our lives. She used to hate going to church, and now she loves it too. I couldn't blame her since there was a kid in Nursery who used to hit her and be mean to her every Sunday. She's also getting ready to go to Challenger for the summer and I'm very excited about that. She's bright and smart and that school has the right method to teach them.
She started walking when she turned 13 months and now she's all over the place! She's a great dancer, and has moves that leave me with my mouth hanging. She's also starting to talk a little bit and she surprised us by saying her first word in Spanish: "Arriba!" (up) it's the cutest thing. She also says "look!" all the time and she loves that she can communicate better now. She has a wonderful personality and she hates to see anyone sad. Actually, when she does something bad, I discovered that the best way to teach her she did something wrong is not by getting mad at her, but by showing her that she made me sad. It works like magic, and she does everything she can to make things better. She also gives the BEST kisses! She is like a bright sun making everyone around her happy. Her sisters love her to death and love to play with her. That's Giada's favorite thing, to play with them and follow them around. Before she learned how to walk, I could just see in her eyes how much she wanted to play with her sisters, but she could never keep up. Now that she can follow them around, she's the happiest baby in the world. I'm not exaggerating this, she hardly ever cries.
So that's what's happening with this side of the Sanders clan. I will be posting pictures soon, and I hope I'll get some clapping for that at least :)


  1. Darling post, just remember fb doesn't last and posts do, so post, post, post. I miss the girls so much. Love Granny

  2. Many thanks for the great update. We love hearing what you're up to. Love you, Dad

  3. Enjoy getting the family update and pictures.