Monday, March 22, 2010

My sweet girls.

This are just a couple of things the girls have said recently that if i don't get them here, I will forget, and i don't want that to happen.
The other day she was sad, so I played with her, and she was a little better but after a few minutes I saw that she was sad again, so i sat her on my lap and asked her what was wrong, and she said she didn't know. i asked her if she wanted me to sing a song for her, and she said yes, so I sang "I am a child of God" for her and when it was over, I started telling her how wonderful it was going to be when we lived with our heavenly Father again, I said "we are never going to get sick again, or get sad or tired", and she said "and daddy is never going to have to go to work again?"
We were talking the other day with Leah what the meaning of Christmas is, and after I explained to her that it was Jesus' birthday she said "really? so, why do we get the presents instead of Him?" and I said, well, we could give Him a Christmas present, and He will be sooo happy, because almost nobody remembers to give Him a present on His birthday. So she asked me what we could give Him since we can't see him, and I said "well, we can't see Him, but He can see us, and he knows everything we do, and what He likes the most, is when we do nice things for others" So she started planning what she was going to do for others (I will not say what the things are, because a lot of you who are reading are included in her plans) and we decided to write all the nice things she does on a notebook, and give that notebook to Jesus on Christmas day. A few days later, she was telling Dane about that, and he asked her what she was going to give Him, and she said "I'll whisper it in your ear" so she got close to his ear and told him about the present she had planned, and I asked her "why are you whispering?" and she said "because I don't want Jesus to hear, because I want it to be a surprise"
The other day I was so hungry that I said "I'm so hungry I, could eat a cow!" I think she heard me because she just said "I am sooo hungry, I could eat a big, big, BIIIIIG butterfly!"
We just came back from gymnastics, and when we left, it was warm and sunny out there, so I didn't put the usual warjm clothes on them, but flip-flops, and a light jacket. When we left gymnastics it was raining and freezing cold, so I told the girls that we would be home soon and we would have some hot chocolate. When we got here, Leah said, "mami, remember you said we were going to have hot chocolate" and I said "Oh yeah, let's go have some" and I saw that Bella was kind of thinking about it and I asked her "Bella do you wanna have some hot chocolate?" and she said "No, I don't want any hot chocolate, I want just right chocolate".


  1. Funny, sweet little girls with a darling Mama. Love Granny

  2. Give all three of my little princesses a big hug and kiss from Grandpa. I miss them so much I can hardly stand it.

    Thank you for writing these things down and sharing with us. They are a treasure!

    Love, Grandpa