Monday, August 30, 2010

Leah's first day of School.

A new adventure started today. My little baby Leah, who apparently is not a baby anymore started school today. I can hardly believe she is going to school because I can remember how little she felt in my arms when she arrived in this world and I could swear it hasn't been that long, but there she was, happy and excited as always when there is a new adventure ahead.
I was a little misinformed about the bus schedule. I was told that the bus would get to the stop at 8:45AM so when Leah yelled at 8:28 "Mom, I just saw the bus pass by!!!" I was NOT happy about that. Luckily she was all ready to go and it was I who had to go out with my hair looking like a mop. But that is not the sad part. I wanted to take pictures and video of her walking to the bus, the bus arriving, her getting in the bus, and instead, I had to run out the door, yell at Amy harmer to please tell the bus driver to wait, ran dragging Leah up the street and rush her in the bus, and then ran back to the house to get Dane so we could follow the bus. So we did, we got in the car as fast as we could and started following the bus all the way to School. Along the way, I realized we had 2 more cars driving behind us so we were not the only sentimental parents out there.
Leah was so cute, she was sitting on the very back of the bus with Mary Jane (Amy Harmer's daughter) and we saw her every time one of her friends got in the bus, getting up waving and greeting them.
We got to the school and I ran to be able to take pictures of Leah getting off the bus and going with her friends. (I had to have at least that). She wasn't one bit nervous, just very happy and excited. She was all ready to go and take the world in her hands while I was left there trying my hardest to be brave and let go. I've always said Leah is way braver than me.
When it was time, i went outside to wait for the bus and she got here so happy telling me all about her day, and she just loved it, every second of it. She was telling me so many things and i wanted to remember every word, so I started writing down our conversation, this is what I got:
Me: Who did you ride the bus with?
Leah: Janie, we rode the bus together on our way there and on our way back too.
Me: What did you do during recess?
L: We stayed inside because it was raining so hard, so we had story time and animal crackers. The white kind.
Me: What was your favorite thing you did in school today?
L: I had two favorite things: coloring a train, and making the “hero” hat.
Me: Tell me about the hero hat.
L: I put stars on it, and the reason why it's called a hero hat it’s because it has the word hero on it. We also read a story about trains.
Me: And what was it about?
L: A little red train was gonna take some toys to the children on the other side of the mountain. , but the engine broke down, so the toys and some other engines trid to help bring the toys to the other side of the mountain. And some of the trains were different kinds of trains, and one of the black trains was just too tired to move. And then a little blue train came and the little blue train could take the toys to the other side of the mountains. But it was a very little train, so he didn’t think he could bring the toys to the other side of the mountain, but he did! And when the little train went up the mountain he said “I think I can, I think I can I think I can” and then when the train was at the very top of the mountain he said “I knew I could”
Me: Wow, that's a beautiful story. You have that book here. Granny and Grampa gave it to you when you were smaller than Giada. Now tell me about your teacher.
L: She was very nice to me. Her name is Mrs. Oaekson.
Me: Did you get to play?
L: Well, not really.
Me: Did you make any new friends?
L: Aha, yeah, they were very nice.
Me: Do you remember any of their names?
L: No… not really.
Me: What else do you wanna talk about?
L: About my soup, it's ready!
So that was it for my interview because little empty stomachs make remembering hard. We did laugh a lot at her comment though :)
Here are some pictures. Forgive that they are not in the right order. this blogger thing is crazy and I'm out of time to fix it...


  1. This was so fun to read. I really cracked up over the parents taking pictures as their child got on the bus. It is a momentous moment. Amazing how fast time flies.
    Love Mom

  2. We just got off of a Skype session and she told us all about it. She sure sounded excited. Thanks for taking the pictures and sharing this with us.

    Love, Dad

  3. That is so fun! I can't believe little Leah is in school! I'm glad she was so excited, it makes it a little easier to let her go.