Monday, April 25, 2011


Ok, this year we had a really fun Easter. I think that Holidays with kids make all the difference. We started early on Saturday going to Dimple Dell for an Easter Egg Dive at the pool where the girls take swimming lessons. That was very fun. Each age group would have 15 minutes to get as many eggs as they could, then you would trade the eggs for a big bag of candy and other stuff (silly bands, stickers, tattoos, etc). Dane had to work that day so my brother Daniel came with me since they were separated by ages, but I had to be in the water with them. We went home after and got ready for Grandfather's birthday but we couldn't be at the luncheon since Dane had to work until 1:00pm and he got back home at 2:00pm. We went to the Tree House and Dane was able to spend some time with cousins and siblings playing wallyball and basketball while Leah, Bella and Giada ran all over the place. After that we took the girls to the park because they were so sad to miss going back to Pam's house (we went on Friday night and they loved it there and when we left we told them it was Ok because we were going to go back the next day), then we went to chuck-a-Rama and then we went back home to paint the eggs for the Easter Bunny. On Sunday morning the girls woke up and went egg hunting and they were having so much fun. With the eggs they found presents from the Easter Bunny and a very unexpected letter: I think you all have heard about Leah's school project about Larry the Leprechaun. Well, Leah has been so excited about this project, so much so, that she made a "trap" for Larry with a jewerly box full of green things that he was going to be unable to resist, and once he got in the jewerly box to look at the things he would be trapped inside of it. The letter was from the Easter Bunny telling her that sometimes he likes to bring some friends along to hide the eggs and this year he had Larry the Leprechaun with him. He said that Larry wasn't very good at hiding eggs and that when he was done hiding them Larry was nowhere to be found. He said he had to go looking for him all over the house and finally found him in Leah's room inside of a box and that he had to help him get out of there. He said that Larry told him that he found that box full of wonderful things that he wanted to take with him (among others were a green sock and a tinkerbell Valentine's card) and the Easter Bunny told him he could take the sock but that he had to leave the card since it was from one of Leah's friends from school. I wish you could have seen Leah's face while Dane was reading the letter to her. Also, she had left a little chocolate bunny for the Easter Bunny and she was very happy to see that he had nibbled on it, and she took the letter, with the postcards we received last week and the nibbled on chocolate bunny to show in her school today. The girls spent the rest of the afternoon watching the movies the Easter Bunny got for them and eating their chocolate bunnies and candy. All in all a wonderful weekend, and for the girls a very magical one :) Happy Easter everyone!

This pictures are from the Egg Dive:
And these are from Sunday:


  1. What cute girls. Did you get to go to Grandfather's Birthday Party?

  2. Sadly I wasn't. I got home from the Easter Dive at around 11:25am and started getting everybody ready including myself right at that time, but Dane didn't get home from work until 2pm. We went to the "Tree House" that Pam had reserved and were able to spend time there with some of the family.