Tuesday, January 18, 2011

An awesome weekend.

My friend Becky Clayton sent me an e-mail inviting me to go to St George for a "ladies only getaway". I forwarded to Dane but without any real hope that I would be able to go. I just didn't think he would agree to stay home with the girls and be the one in complete charge of them. But he answered the e-mail saying that he totaly thought I should go and I started getting SO excited! So we made all the preparations and on Friday at around 2:30pm, Becky picked me up and off we went. We had 2 cars going there. In Becky's car were Becky (duh!), Jami Nielsen, Laura Jones,Holly Hendrikson and me, and in the other car were Kammi Burnet, Amy Harmer, Deeana Smith, Emily Spens, Lisa Palmer and Terra Gerritsen with no kids and no husbands. On our way there we talked and the time went by so fast that next thing we knew we were already there. That night we went to the Pizza Factory and then we went to the house where Amy read questions from a book called something like "Ask yourself" and whoever wanted answered the questions and we had so much fun getting to know eachother better. There were funny stories as well as sad and we just opened our hearts and we shared things that I'm sure we thought we would never share. We went to bed sooo late and the next day we went shopping and had so much fun. We stopped for lunch (when a group of 11 ladies go out shopping, the only thing that could stop them is hunger) and after lunch we had a mission: we went to find the shoes that kammi wanted so badly. Unfortunately, we didn't. After that we went home to unload, buy Kammi's shoes online and sing happy birthday to her where to told her or super secret plan: we were taking her out to dinner for her birthday. So we went to Olive Garden, one of Kammi's favorites and we had a great dinner and again, a great time. After that, half of the group had to head back to SLC and the other half stayed another night playing games, eating some more snacks, lauging and lauging until it hurt. The next day we woke up early and we were all packed up and ready to go at 6:45am so we could be on time for church. Becky drove like a maniac (JK) and we were able to drop Jami at the blessing where she needed to be at 10:30am, and I got home before 11 in time to help poor desperate Dane find the church clothes for the girls. We had such and amazing time. We already started planning our next year's trip and we can hardly wait. When we got home all the kids were still alive and happy and the husbands were as well. Even though we missed them so much this getaway was much needed and greatelly appreciated. So I want to thank Becky for planning this amazing trip, for providing the house, and I want to thank all the ladies who came for making this such an amazing and unforgettable weekend. The memories that we made this weekend will last a lifetime.
At the pizza Factory.
Just talking and reading questions from the book.
Kammi reading her birthday card.
Kammi after she discovered her birthday present from all of us.
Kammi's "Chocolate smile"
Getting ready to go to dinner.
At Olive Garden.
Playing games. We played "Settlers of Catan" where Jami was crowned with victory, and then we played what Becky called "the food storage game" and then a question game.
Becky loves her thumb. Here she wanted to find out what it would look like with ears.
Getting ready for bed, I just started taking random pictures.
This is where Becky and Jami slept.
Here is Becky showing Jami how funny one of her random pictures was.
Here is where Lisa slept. Cute Jammies! :)
Teeth brushing time. Judging by Becky's face, there was a very stubborn something stuck in there. Get it hard Becky!
In the car on our way back. I only took this picture because it was still dark outside and I blinded everyone with the flash...

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